Training courses


Training And Knowledge Transfer

1) The Strategy on How to Make Available the Radon Flux Campaign Data, May 2023

2) Data Review of the Field Campaign, January 2023

3) Radon Flux Campaign Equipment: Technical Training, January 2022

Scientific Workshop and Training Courses, March 2023

Highlights and challenges in metrology today
Annette Röttger

Primary standards for measurement of 222Rn activity concentration
Tanita Ballé

Transfer Standards for measurement of 222Rn activity concentration
Marta Fuente

Metrology chain for continuous radon flux observations: Strategy and Challenges
Claudia Grossi and Arturo Vargas

Development of radon flux maps for Europe: approaches, uncertainties and validation
Ute Karstens, Ingeborg Levin, Arturo Vargas, Claudia Grossi, Susana Barbosa, Dafina Kikaj, Giorgia Cellini, Camille Yver Kwok and all WP3 partners and collaborators

Use of outdoor radon activity concentration and radon flux data for radiation protection applications (WP4)
Cinelli G., Gruber V., Baumann S., Celikovic I., Zivanovic M., Pantelic G., Vukanac I., Krneta J., Grossi C., Vargas A., Hernandez Ceballos M.A., Bossew P.

traceRadon: An experience report
Annette Röttger

Calibration sources
Tanita Ballé and Marta Fuente

Comparison of calibration sources part 2
Tanita Ballé

Introduction to the new calibration sources and their performance
Petr Otahal and Eliska Fialova

ARMON (Atmospheric Radon MONitor)
Roger Curcoll, Claudia Grossi and Arturo Vargas

New transfer standards: comparison campaigns
Marta Fuente

Calibration of a reference instrument an example
Stefan and Annette Röttger

Example of using outdoor radon and radon flux maps for the estimation of radon priority areas
Baumann S., Gruber V., Cinelli G.

Autofluxsystem: characterization and applications
Claudia Grossi and Arturo Vargas

The Radon Tracer Method – How to use it (presentation)
Marta Fuente on behalf of Camille Yver Kwok

The Radon Tracer Method – How to use it (report)
Camille Yver Kwok

WMO-BIPM Workshop on Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring 2022: Traceability, Stability and Uncertainty
Poster – From greenhouse gas fluxes to early warning networks: the importance of radioactive tracers

ERA webinar 2021 – European Atlas of Natural Radiation

ERA workshop 2021 – Results and Developments in 2021

DKE, Standardisation Committee 2021 – Neue Entwicklungen in de Radonmetrologie: 19ENV01 traceRadon

Workshop on New Procedures for Radon Monitoring 12th October 2020 – Introduction to the traceRadon-project


ANSTO, PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Field testing a portable two-filter dual-flow-loop 222Rn detector

PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Radon metrology for use in climate change observation and radiation protection at the environmental level

Florian Mertes – SMSI 2021 – Approximate Sequential Bayesian Filtering to Estimate Rn-222 Emanation from Ra-226 Sources from SpectraVideo

PTB – CIM 2021 – New metrology at the environmental levelVideo