Conference Presentations

First results from a new portable two-filter dual-flow-loop radon detectorPoster

CIM Conference 2021Poster; Presentation

EGU Conference 2021Poster

EURADOS 2021Presentation

EURAMET TC-IR 2021Presentation

GARRM 2021Abstrtact

Final Conference LIFE-Respire 2021Presentation

SMSI 2021Presentation, Book of Abstracts

2022 CARST Radon Conference/Congrès Radon ACSTR April 2022, CanadaPresentation

EURAMET TC-IR annual meeting 2022, 27.01.2022Presentation

First schientific workshop: Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3, Presentation 4, Presentation 5, Presentation 6, Presentation 7, Presentation 8, Presentation 9, Presentation 10

Training courses


Workshop on New Procedures for Radon Monitoring 12th October 2020 – Introduction to the traceRadon-project

ERA webinar 2021 – European Atlas of Natural Radiation

ERA workshop 2021 – Results and Developments in 2021

DKE, Standardisation Committee 2021 – Neue Entwicklungen in de Radonmetrologie: 19ENV01 traceRadon


ANSTO, PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Field testing a portable two-filter dual-flow-loop 222Rn detector

PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Radon metrology for use in climate change observation and radiation protection at the environmental level

Florian Mertes – SMSI 2021 – Approximate Sequential Bayesian Filtering to Estimate Rn-222 Emanation from Ra-226 Sources from SpectraVideo

PTB – CIM 2021 – New metrology at the environmental levelVideo

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