Conference Presentations

Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques (LLRMT) 2022 Conference
Presentation 1; Presentation 2

Sixth European IRPA CongressPresentation; Poster

IAEA: Second International Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST 2022)Presentation

First results from a new portable two-filter dual-flow-loop radon detectorPoster

CIM Conference 2021Poster; Presentation

EGU Conference 2021Poster

EURADOS 2021Presentation

EURAMET TC-IR 2021Presentation

GARRM 2021Abstrtact

Final Conference LIFE-Respire 2021Presentation

SMSI 2021Presentation, Book of Abstracts

2022 CARST Radon Conference/Congrès Radon ACSTR April 2022, CanadaPresentation

EURAMET TC-IR annual meeting 2022, 27.01.2022Presentation

First schientific workshop: Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3, Presentation 4, Presentation 5, Presentation 6, Presentation 7, Presentation 8, Presentation 9, Presentation 10

ICARST – 2022: Video Presentation

Training courses


WMO-BIPM Workshop on Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring 2022: Traceability, Stability and Uncertainty
Poster – From greenhouse gas fluxes to early warning networks: the importance of radioactive tracers

ERA webinar 2021 – European Atlas of Natural Radiation

ERA workshop 2021 – Results and Developments in 2021

DKE, Standardisation Committee 2021 – Neue Entwicklungen in de Radonmetrologie: 19ENV01 traceRadon

Workshop on New Procedures for Radon Monitoring 12th October 2020 – Introduction to the traceRadon-project


ANSTO, PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Field testing a portable two-filter dual-flow-loop 222Rn detector

PTB – EGU General Assembly 2021 – Radon metrology for use in climate change observation and radiation protection at the environmental level

Florian Mertes – SMSI 2021 – Approximate Sequential Bayesian Filtering to Estimate Rn-222 Emanation from Ra-226 Sources from SpectraVideo

PTB – CIM 2021 – New metrology at the environmental levelVideo

Published results


September 2022: traceRadon Newsletter #3

November 2021: traceRadon Newsletter #2

February 2021: traceRadon Newsletter #1

Good Practice Guides

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